Check out our Rental Membership below!

We offer a brand new, state of the art, 15,000 sq. ft. turf facility with 18 ft ceilings!

the facility is completely covered and protected from rain and sun!

Located just north of the Duval and St. John's County Line on Philips Highway

14797 Philips Highway

Jacksonville, FL 32256

1/4 mile north of Race Track Rd.



Call: (904) 426-7109

If you book and pay for 5+ dates, you will receive 10% off

Rentals Available to the Public:

Rental Membership: $95 per month ($125 value)

Includes 5 hours of cage rentals during the month.

The month starts the day of your first rental OR 7 days after your purchase of your membership.

*No long term contract*


1. Defensive Sq.  - $40 per hour

*Description: 1 area at 40 ft.  x 75 ft.  - 3,000 total sq. ft. 

Examples of use: perfect for pitching bullpens, overhand throwing workouts, small group fitness and more.

2.  Defensive Sq.  - $50 per hour

*Description: 1 area at 50 ft.  x 75 ft.  - 3,750 total sq. ft. 

Examples of use: soccer/lacrosse/football strength and conditioning. Baseball/softball infield work and small outfield work.  

3. Defensive Sq. - $25 per hour

*Description: 1 area at 12 ft. x 75 ft. - 900 total sq. ft.

Examples of use: perfect for smaller pitching workouts, smaller overhand throwing workouts, and small group fitness.


4. Cage Rental  - $25 per hour

Description: 10 cages (baseball/softball). Includes baseball or softball pitching machine &/or mound. 


5. Weekend Full Facility Rental Rates

*Description: 142 sq. ft. x 102 sq. ft. - 14,484 total sq. ft.

6am-8am: $50 per hour

8am-10am: $100 per hour

10am-6pm: $200 per hour

6pm-9pm: $150 per hour

9pm-12am: $100 per hour

Payment required for rentals at the time of reservation